Welcome to our site! We are a company involving in Dutch-Greek business. Our specialities are Consultancy & Trade & Tourism & Mediterranean Foods with Certification and Forest and Agriculture. Also, we advertise jobs in The Netherlands for people from Greece.

After 40 years of Ventures in Greece for both Dutch and Greek relations we will keep our promise, a handshake is our sign of trust, which is hard to find these days. If involved or starting to involve in one of the above ment specialities, feel free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

Connecting People and Businesses

Business advice, trading and connecting the Balkan, Greece and Cyprus with Northern Europe.



My name is Frits G. Lenten, have been living and working over 38 years in Greece. Have a background in Travel, Trading in Commodities, Wood and Intermediating.

Intermediate Services for Firms and Individuals who think to start some type of relation with Greece, in setting up a company or buying property. And Market research and on Investment Grants offered now on great scale by the Greek Government on many programs open to invest.


Buy property in Greece.

Looking for an interesting property in Greece for business or holidays or permanently? One of the most interesting projects at this moment is a village on Aegina, and island close to Athens, where off-grid villas are being built. Click here for more information.