Buy an interesting property in Greece.

Looking for an interesting property in Greece for business or holidays or permanently.

Get acquinted with the possibiliies wich there are in Greece by contacting me. Happens to be specialised in this field and can be of great assistance. Starting to think of starting a bussines in Greece, just have a call or send me a email with your request.

I offer Duch treat and save yourself from many trouble by starting on your own or out of manuals and internet sites offering the Sky as limit. Be realistic and get yourself the help needed, becouse many people have done the same traject before so use the ecpierience of me and my partners.

Call for investments West Macedonia – Greece

From today businesses can make their request for investmetnts of their new companies, located in Western Macedonia in Greece.

Look at link for the new ESPA which will be open from 01/08/2020 till 01/09/2020